Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Office Water Damage

Water damage can happen to anyone! Even our office experienced a water loss. During a large storm we experienced some roof damage which caused a roof leak. We h... READ MORE

Water Damage

Unfortunately, this home suffered extensive water damage which required the existing floors to have to be demoed. When we went in to this home our job was to di... READ MORE

Mint Museum

These photos are before and after a water loss in Charlotte, NC. You can see in the before photo that there is obvious water on the ground in the warehouse wher... READ MORE

Cat 3 Loss

CAT 3 loss is a term that is used to describe a water loss that involves dirty water, also known as black water. This home unfortunately, experienced CAT 3 floo... READ MORE

Water Damage

This home suffered water damage. These photos show mitigation photos and post mitigation work. Our team was immediately dispatched and began the extraction proc... READ MORE

Ground Water Intrusion at Local University

When heavy rains flooded a lecture hall at a Charlotte university, we were onsite in minutes to handle the water damage. Ground water intrusion is considered a ... READ MORE